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Cornell University // FALL 2022 // ARCH 3101 // SEAN ANDERSON // ‘TUMBA’

This project-in-progress seeks to explore and highlight Puerto Rican culture and resilience in the never-ending diaspora, whether it be in the Caribbean Archipelago or in the East Coast. The final project consists of a ~100,000 sq ft intervention in Lincoln Center, which used to be a Puerto Rican community that has been displaced by the Urban Renewal Act. The intervention exists in what would previously be known as Damrosch Park; as such, it makes use of the existing landscape to create an interior garden on the first floor, symbolizing a threshold between the past, present, and potential future of LC. The next two floors largely consist of work and exhibition space for Caribbean artists to start to paint back the color of San Juan Hill into the Lincoln Center as their vibrance will radiate out to LC’s white marble canvas. This program is enclosed in thin brick arches trying to mix Lincoln Center’s form with San Juan Hill’s texture, further achieved through the incorporation of large, stained glass windows, or ‘vitrales’. These openings rotate during the day to allow guests to move through the space freely and close at night. The interior’s light allows the glasses’ color to bleed into its surroundings, effectively ‘painting’ the Lincoln Center.


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