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Cornell University // FALL 2021 // ARCH 2613 // MARK CRUVELLIER // ‘LABERINTO’ // Kengo Kuma // Harumi Pavillion

A Structures Course model of Kengo Kuma’s Harumi Pavilion, this model highlights the structural components and implications that are considered in the creation of the original. Our model makes ample use of compression between the slabs and columns, as well as shear force, which acts on the entire structure and is able to avoid the structure’s sideways collapse. Moreover, the original pavilion’s slabs are made out of CNC-cut wood, which we closely emulated by carefully cutting plywood and gluing it together with an inked adhesive. This allowed for there to be a distinct black line between the different sheet’s cuts. Furthermore, the steel columns from the original were too meticulously detailed to recreate in our smaller model. Consequently, a larger replacement was enacted, one that still makes a statement through the use of I-beams. Lastly, the model is set on a flat, concrete base, which, besides being accurate (the pavilion is placed in an exhibition), is representative of the lightness of the entire structure. 


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