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Cornell University // Fall 2020 // ARCH 1101 // SASA ZIKOVIC, FELIX HEISEL // ‘INFLABLE’

Inflable was the summit of the mountain that was my first semester of Studio. We were tasked with synthesizing a tangible with an intangible — mine was vapor and smooth — and creating a site with it. Inflable is, then, an archipelago of inflated islands borne by vapor and inspired by balloons. The bridge between those islands, my intervention into the site, emulates a parasite that feeds off of the site’s vapor. Despite that, it creates a smooth surface on the outside— almost like a bouncy castle — that allows you to move around from a deflated island to a fuller one. The temporary state of fullness, reminiscent of life’s fleetingness, creates activity. For instance, you feel vapor when you step on the balloon bridge; you become part of the structure, a participant in its use of organic circularity and bubbliness. 


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