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Cornell University // Spring 2021 // ARCH 1102 // SASA ZIKOVIC, FELIX HEISEL // ‘PARADA’

This model, Parada, was tasked to us with specific materials and an intervention as its purpose. It is a bus stop at Dewitt Square Park, located in Ithaca. Parada also served as the culmination of my work throughout the semester. Therefore, it is impacted by Exhibicion, my previous project, in terms of design. Furthermore, Parada is composed of a vertical grid of clay columns connected by copper pipes (which also serve as a storing place for scrolls, an important theme in Studio), an intriguing interplay of materials. The grid creates a dynamic composition in what would otherwise be a mundane bus stop, something that would drive people to the park, fomenting community and adding life to it. Parada is an attraction just as much as it is something functional; its depth stems from the artistry waltzing beneath its practicality.


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