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Cornell University // FALL 2021 // ARCH 2101 // ANDREA SIMMITCH, ROZ BARR// ‘CASCADILLA’

Inspired by the simplicity, innovation, and vivacity of Casa Barragán and Olligatti’s Yellow House, Villa Cascadilla steeps itself in a warm functionality, meeting and exceeding the needs of my clients — parents moving away from the bustling city into Ithaca. It includes some of New York City’s dynamism, as is seen in the brownstone-inspired front stoop, but remains peaceful, a nod to the repose of retirement. It is private, as evidenced by the trees covering the back patio, and safe, as seen in the elevation of the first floor to avoid flooding from the nearby creek. Despite these practical characteristics, Villa Cascadilla is also inviting; its comfort extends beyond the basics. For instance, there are many shared spaces that inspire interaction and spark conversation, such as the loft-like layout, and a water feature in the patio radiates serenity. In essence, the dwelling encourages holistically enriching living. Moreover, Villa Cascadilla is also able to fit the parents’ grown children into its space. The annex in the back accommodates the children in a way that acknowledges the new, distinct identities the whole family has formed yet bonds them via a system of trees — representing growth, wisdom, and organic continuity. 


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